Sound Production – Courses


These Courses are non Accredited


 Sound Production

In 2018, The Grove Studios Academy will once again be offering a  Sound Production Course. The course has a duration of 12 Months and will be held at our Somersby Campus.

Advanced  Sound Production

Additionally in 2018 The Grove Studios Academy will also be offering an Advanced Sound Production Course. The course that will compliment the Course, also has a duration of 12 Months and will be held at our Somersby Campus.


Mixing Basics

Perfect, if you want to mix a hit song or learn a great approach to using your audio software more efficiently. Topics included are basic level adjustment, editing techniques and Pro Tools Shortcuts, EQ, Compression, FX mixing, as well as mastering and more advanced techniques.

Recording Basics

All the basic recording techniques ranging from drum recording to acoustic guitar, vocals and stereo mixing techniques. We will also cover signal flow and microphone choices so you can set up your own professional studio at home.

Music Business Basics

The Music Business Basics Short Course will help you learn the basics needed to get started in music business. We will discuss a range of topics from copyright and licensing through to band management and publishing.

Recording Master Class

The Grove Studios Master class is a completely unique experience where you can learn tips from the pros. During a weekend, you’ll sit down with leaders in the music industry and hear what they have to say about their creative approach, lessons they’ve learnt and what advice they have for up and coming creative artists. You will then go into a studio and observe tricks and techniques used to make world class music